Friday, April 23, 2010

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FLRNews - Issue No.19

Automotive XPrize Parallels Hot Rods
In the early days of the automotive performance parts and accessories industry, it was all about competition to see who could go the fastest. The winners were determined on the dry lake beds and the drag strips. Many of those winners went on to be the founding fathers of a new industry in the automotive marketplace.

Bar Code Advertising Changing Print Advertising
The New York Acura Association, a group of three leading New York dealers, is bridging the once seemingly unbridgeable gap in advertising between digital ad content and the physical products they represent. It's a leap that advertisers have for years dreamed of making. In this case, a bar code technology called QR (for quick response) which, was developed by Japanese researchers to index car parts, is positioning the group of Acura dealers to turn both the automotive and advertising industries on their heads.

Most Exciting New Cars For Spring 2010
On April 16, NADAguides.com revealed its picks for the most exciting cars for spring 2010. With the New York International Auto Show serving as the launching pad for what's to come in 2011, many car companies are moving forward with new advancements in hybrid technology and fuel efficiency while introducing several affordable luxury amenities. New economic news also proves that automotive manufacturers have turned the corner and are again bringing innovative ideas into production to suit economical demands. The standout cars this spring are focused on being kind to both the environment and the wallet.

Most Eco-Friendly Car Shopping Cities
With the 40th anniversary of Earth Day approaching, Cars.com evaluated car shopping behavior nationwide to name the most eco-friendly cities. In the site's 3rd annual Green Cities Index, San Francisco topped the charts, beating out all other cities based on its interest in hybrid vehicles as a percentage of total car shopping activity on Cars.com.

April New Vehicle Sales Maintain Positive Trend
Building on the momentum from last month, April's retail selling rate is expected to improve slightly, supported by increased shopping early in the month and incentive programs, according to J.D. Power and Associates, which gathers real-time transaction data from more than 8,900 retail franchise points across the United States.

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