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Supercharger for 2010 Camaro SS (LS3) Now Shipping

Edelbrock's E-Force Supercharger for 

2010 Camaro SS (LS3) Now Shipping


TORRANCE, CA - Edelbrock is pleased to announce the delivery of the E-Force Supercharger System for the 2010 Camaro SS manual transmission cars. This system dramatically improves the horsepower of the stock LS3 engine, from 426 HP to 599 HP (as measured at the engine flywheel), while reducing parasitic loss through the use of an integrated bypass valve. It utilizes the same Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Gen VI rotors as found in the ZR-1 Corvette and in the highly successful Mustang E-Force Superchargers, as well as an air to water intercooler system. Torque is maximized by the integration of 12" long intake runners in a nested configuration that allows the entire assembly to fit beneath the stock hood.
The #1598 E-Force Supercharger System includes all the parts needed for a 50-state legal installation (EO pending), including a hand held programming module for updating the ECU, larger injectors and a high flow, reusable air filter. Matching cast aluminum coil covers are also included to provide a finished under hood appearance. The E-Force supercharger assembly incorporates a self-contained oil system with a 100,000 mile service interval for maintenance free operation. An optional 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty to supplement the factory GM warranty is also available.
The supercharger is also available as a competition kit #1599. Intended for race cars, the competition kit is supplied with only essential components such as the rotor and manifold assembly, intercooler system, and related hardware, while components like the programmer, coil covers and injectors are left to the installer's discretion. The supercharger drive pulley is also excluded, allowing the installer to select from four pulley sizes ranging from 2.75" to 3.50" in diameter, depending on the amount of air flow desired. Due to the flexibility and power range of this option, it is not legal for use on emission controlled vehicles.

    Features Include:
  • Complete kit delivers 599 horsepower on 2010 Camaro SS (LS3)
  • Enormous 12" long intake runners for maximum low end torque
  • Cast aluminum matching engine side covers
  • Self contained oil system with 100,000 mile service interval (no drilling, no plumbing)
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 50 state emissions legal (EO pending)
  • Available 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty
  • Retail priced at $6,595.87
For Price and Availability email Startline: info@startlineusa.com

For more information please visit www.edelbrock.com

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NYT Auto Section

From Our Automobiles Section

Behind the Wheel | 2010 Mazda 5
SLIDERS TO GO The trim Mazda 5 has sliding doors like a larger, more expensive van.

A Euro-Style David vs. Minivan Goliaths

The Mazda 5 combines the good parts of a minivan with the exterior footprint, maneuverability and price of a European-style multipurpose vehicle.
BARE BONES The superlight Ariel Atom 3 lacks a roof, doors and windows.

Smile on Your Face. Bugs in Your Teeth.

For driving enthusiasts willing to sacrifice comfort, the Ariel Atom 3 offers snappy acceleration and smart design - without doors, windows or a roof.
RELOCATED Bill Scheffler with his recently acquired '48 Chevy.

A Modest Car for a Man of Means

For Bill Schleffler, the 1948 Chevy Fleetline that he bought at a recent auction represents a zenith of automotive styling.

Two Paths to Similar Ends for In-Car Data Systems

The newest telematics technologies can communicate with smartphones and coordinate entertainment and communications.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fast Lane Research Industry News

FLRNews - Issue No.19

Automotive XPrize Parallels Hot Rods
In the early days of the automotive performance parts and accessories industry, it was all about competition to see who could go the fastest. The winners were determined on the dry lake beds and the drag strips. Many of those winners went on to be the founding fathers of a new industry in the automotive marketplace.

Bar Code Advertising Changing Print Advertising
The New York Acura Association, a group of three leading New York dealers, is bridging the once seemingly unbridgeable gap in advertising between digital ad content and the physical products they represent. It's a leap that advertisers have for years dreamed of making. In this case, a bar code technology called QR (for quick response) which, was developed by Japanese researchers to index car parts, is positioning the group of Acura dealers to turn both the automotive and advertising industries on their heads.

Most Exciting New Cars For Spring 2010
On April 16, NADAguides.com revealed its picks for the most exciting cars for spring 2010. With the New York International Auto Show serving as the launching pad for what's to come in 2011, many car companies are moving forward with new advancements in hybrid technology and fuel efficiency while introducing several affordable luxury amenities. New economic news also proves that automotive manufacturers have turned the corner and are again bringing innovative ideas into production to suit economical demands. The standout cars this spring are focused on being kind to both the environment and the wallet.

Most Eco-Friendly Car Shopping Cities
With the 40th anniversary of Earth Day approaching, Cars.com evaluated car shopping behavior nationwide to name the most eco-friendly cities. In the site's 3rd annual Green Cities Index, San Francisco topped the charts, beating out all other cities based on its interest in hybrid vehicles as a percentage of total car shopping activity on Cars.com.

April New Vehicle Sales Maintain Positive Trend
Building on the momentum from last month, April's retail selling rate is expected to improve slightly, supported by increased shopping early in the month and incentive programs, according to J.D. Power and Associates, which gathers real-time transaction data from more than 8,900 retail franchise points across the United States.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Italian Model Goes on a High-Carbon Diet

A Modern AC Roadster

April 19, 2010, 12:26 pm

Classic AC Roadster Gets a Modern Touch and a Six-Figure Price

Iconic AC Roadster
10:54 a.m. | Updated
AC Cars, like many British sports car companies, has gone through a rough patch in recent decades.
The famous maker of the AC Cobra has been bought and sold, gone through bankruptcy and only barely manages to survive. And while the company continues to build modern versions of its Cobra, like the AC MkVI, it has also licensed the AC name to an outside sports car maker.
Iconic Motors, a United States-based company founded by Claudio Ballard, a 35-year veteran of the computer industry, has licensed the AC Roadster name for its Iconic AC Roadster, which Iconic said will be introduced in mid-June, with sales beginning later in the summer. The four-year-old company has never made a car before.
The Iconic AC Roadster has a chassis of steel-alloy tubing bonded to a carbon-fiber tub. It is suspended on unequal-length, aluminum alloy control arms with coil-over damper units front and rear. Its Brembo carbon ceramic brakes were reportedly engineered specifically for the car.
The body is not just another Cobra clone. Instead, it has the look of a Cobra that has been carved down and manicured, but it is also certainly reminiscent of a classic Cobra.
A one-third-scale model of the roadster was tested in a University of Michigan wind tunnel. Mr. Ballard said that the body generated 500 pounds of downforce at 175 miles an hour, which should keep the 2,400-pound roadster stable without dragging it down.
Power comes from an all-aluminum 7-liter V-8 that was developed by Ernie Elliott, a Nascar engine builder. It reportedly generated 770 horsepower at the rear wheels in a recent test of a prototype vehicle. Iconic claimed that was enough power to sprint from a standstill to 60 M.P.H. in less than three seconds, while topping out at over 200 M.P.H.
A 6-speed gearbox with a two-disc manual clutch provides ratio changes.
All of the machine and assembly work is being handled by Technosports, a Livonia, Mich., company that offers advanced design, prototyping and manufacture of specialty products. Past clients include major automakers and racing teams.
Mr. Ballard said no more than 100 Iconic AC Roadsters would be built, and he said he expected the first production car to be ready in August. It will cost $350,000 to $375,000, depending on equipment.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Starting Small and Thinking Big

Bruno Senna, 26, is a rookie driver at the Hispania team, one of three new low-budget teams to enter the series this year. Senna, a Brazilian, is the nephew of the three-time world champion Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, who died in a racing accident in 1994. Senna spoke to Brad Spurgeon of the International Herald Tribune about his first three races in Formula One.
Q. How much of a technical challenge is it for you in starting a small, new team with little experience of Formula One?
A. I like it. I am feeling very much at home. I think the engineers are giving us drivers a lot of leeway and credit for helping them, and the other way around. We are working together very well. And fortunately for me, I am pretty good at sensing the car and translating the information to the engineers.
Q. Was it difficult to choose between coming to a small team and having that kind of input but being hampered by the lack of performance or going to a big team but being lost in the machine?
A. It’s always good to be running in the front. It’s good for your confidence. The teams that have a very solid engineering base and very solid knowledge of the car can help the driver as well; sometimes the driver is struggling and they can help the driver. But in terms of experience, this is really good for me. I can come out of this season as a much more complete driver, a much more experienced driver that can go into one of the big teams, one of the other teams, and give them better input than the guys who haven’t been through this. This is a very good opportunity for me to develop myself.
You just need to change your objectives and you need to adjust your expectations. I think as things develop we can start to adjust our objectives to better achievements. It’s very easy to lose yourself in thinking “Ah, I’m never going to get a result and never going to score points.” But you never know. Grand Prix racing is very unpredictable. And we are working very hard. I have plenty of energy to work, everybody in the team is very motivated and I am really motivated. I want to make my career last for years and years. I don’t think only about the moment, I think about the future.
Q. But there is not much time for a driver in Formula One to show what he is worth. Is your goal for this year to get noticed as quickly as you can and to beat your teammate, Karun Chandhok?
A. As teammates we are working together to get the car up and running and better, but he is my first enemy on the track. So for me, and I imagine it is for Karun, the first objective is to beat each other. But I see it as a question of making the most of every opportunity that you have. If I can be the best that I can every time I drive the car and bring the car back into the garage with positive feedback and help the team go quick, proving myself during the race weekend, this is the sort of thing that other people notice, and also inside the team they notice. So you can either get a chance inside the team for the following year or you can get a chance somewhere else for the following year. Only time will tell what’s going to happen.
Q. Are you enjoying yourself?
A. I am. I really enjoy it. Melbourne was quite tough because it was hard to drive the car. But I prefer to have a very difficult car to drive that gets the driver to push to get a result out of himself rather than to just having a car that under-steers around the corners and that gives you a very low heart rate. This is better for the thrill.
Q. Do you ever think about whether your uncle Ayrton would approve of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it?
A. Well, I hope he’s proud because I’m not being lazy, that’s for sure. I think he valued hard work a lot. And it has been hard work. Since the beginning of my career I’m used to being one step behind the other guys. I think the only year when I was actually at a good level against the other guys was in the GP2 series in 2008 where I had some good experience from the previous years and I was very good with the car and I could fight for the championship, and I did. But in the end, experience plays a big part in motor racing and being quick is only a part of being a race driver. You need to have a good head, you need to be confident. And very little things can upset your confidence, so I hope he’s proud.

Raybestos® Brakes Roadster Pickup

Burbank, CA — April 8, 2010  - The Raybestos® brand brakes sponsored build of a traditionally-inspired 1932 Ford hot rod roadster pickup was announced by Josh Russell, Dir. Sales & Marketing at Affinia Global Brake & Chassis, manufacturers of Raybestos Brakes & Chassis.  The Raybestos Roadster Pickup (RPU) will be given away to one lucky professional mechanic or do-it-yourselfer Raybestos customer as part of an upcoming summer 2010 sales promotion, and the build process will be chronicled in national television, magazines, and exclusive website content.  The project celebrates Raybestos unrivaled brake and chassis product lines – with thousands of part numbers covering vehicles from the 2010 to the 1920s, from “late model to Model A.”

The one-of-a-kind Raybestos Roadster Pickup has been called the “ultimate parts hauler or shop truck.” Inspiration for the RPU’s design is as if it was the Raybestos factory hot rod parts truck & show car in 1963, delivering brakes for the Indy roadsters up and down Gasoline Alley – as IndyCars were in fact running Raybestos brakes pads at the Indianapolis 500 throughout the 1950s and 1960s.  

Q: Who makes the best 4 cyl engines?

A: : I would have said Honda, among mainstreamers, but the upgraded 4-cyl in the latest CR-V is quite a disappointment. The Hyundai-Kia 2.4-liter four has been surprisingly good as used in SUVs. Ford and Toyota have some contenders. Seems to depend as much on the specific model as on the company.

Photo gallery: Cars in the News
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New York Auto Show News

Slide Show: Notable Models at the 2010 New York Auto Show

As the auto industry regroups, manufacturers prepared to showcase their newest offerings to consumers at the show in New York.

Slide Show: Signs of Exuberance at the Auto Show

Automakers are showing new models at a show that seems to have recovered some of its former glitz.

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Can the Lotus Legend Bloom Again?

The revival of the fourth-most successful team in the history of Formula One and one of the greatest brand names in British motor sports, Lotus, is being steered by a Malaysian company.

From Car-Racing Lover to 'Lucky' Team Owner

The Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes turned his childhood love of racing into a revival of the legendary Lotus Formula One team.

Mazda R360Coupeのテレビコマーシャル