Sunday, December 6, 2009

Help Us Help JHELP

JHELP.com is the organization that helps foreigners in trouble in Japan, and Japanese in trouble abroad. Metropolis Magazine has teamed up with several sponsors to create a Christmas donation program that helps both Metropolis and JHELP, and that costs you nothing in cash -- and just 5 minutes of your time online.

The program has 4 simple steps so please visit JHELP Christmas Charity Campaign.

What happens is that Metropolis then adds you to the donor's list, and in January 2010 will donate JPY200 per donor to JHELP. It may not sound like a lot, but the target is to sign up 5,000 registrations by December 25th, so collectively your 5 minutes of effort will go a long way to helping JHELP cover the operations costs it has helping those of us in need.

For more about JHELP, check them out on the internet at JHELP.

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