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Christmas in Japan (日本語字幕)

What do you think about the way Christmas is celebrated in Japan?
Blue_Tiger at 08:43 PM JST - 5th December
What celebration? Yes, there's some nice stuff at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea; yes, some stores really roll out the red carpet for those who bother to purchase gifts; of course, sure, cake companies do a lot of business; there may even be the occasional office party, or school special.....but really, what in Japan can be classified as Christmas Celebration otherwise?
I agree, Phillyprnc - no George Michael for this chap. Christmas songs are for Christmas; George Michaels Horror is best left for some other time of year....
As far as people who say Christmas is about Pushing Religion: Who's Birthday are we celebrating?

tigerguy at 08:44 PM JST - 5th December
I think that it's fantastic, the food, decorations, music... just like the western Christmas celebrations. Lots of businesses making lots of money off the occasion. I especially like to see all the lovely illumination lights. It's too bad the Japanese don't do more gift-giving on Christmas day and they still have to work. I just love this time of the year when I can get a really nice long break from work and enjoy with family and friends.

Azrael at 09:33 PM JST - 5th December
I find the American tendency to remove Christ from Christmas puzzling and sad, but I suppose it may just be a small but very vocal minority, because it doesn't match with census info. In Japan it's only expected; Christmas in Japan is purely commercial, but to be fair I do know there are Japanese Christians and they celebrate with their own flair. It's just that they are not quite visible.
Christmas in Japan (for non-Christians) is only one night. There's a tree, food, gift-giving. Love hotels. I cannot help but think about that comedian's dish. I think he defined it better than I could.
In my country, Christmas is about the religious aspect. I am Catholic. Christmas starts on December 8th (Mother's Day honoring Virgin Mary and all mothers) and ends on January 6th (the Three Wise Men arrive). There are posadas and the Christmas novena up to the last one on Christmas eve. Posadas are basically night parties as the holy Family travels from one house to the next seeking lodgings (hence the name Posada). There are Christmas chants to request entry and replies from the house (house owners make lists to participate in their community, it's only nine nights one house a night), then the novena is prayed and there's a party with Christmas music, traditional sweets and foods. The parties format varies throughout Ibero-America. Posadas are my favorite part of Christmas. My family puts up a Christmas tree, but we don't feature Santa Claus, yet many people does. Families with foreign descent mix in their food traditions and music. Christmas bring people together; it's the best time of the year. Christmas Eve mass is my favorite. Christmas day Mass and New Year's Mass are also beautiful. I'm an architect and I've helped design scenes for my neighborhood's church. I love to watch Christmas Eve Mass broadcast from the Vatican; since I moved last time here in Japan I've not found a Catholic Church (or any for that matter). How I miss Christmas at home. Yes, consumerism is creeping in but we don't have such a thing as "war on Christmas" like the US seems to have, if their Media is to be trusted (which well... it really isn't). My sister lives in Spain and she has described how beautifully Christmas is celebrated there in local traditions (Spain's south). I wish I'll see it someday.

Azrael at 09:37 PM JST - 5th December
AND YES, I hope I won't have to listen to George Michael ever again @____@;. Last year it was like the ONLY song department stores had in Tokyo!

Madara at 09:39 PM JST - 5th December
I like to spend my christmas in Japan, no need to deal with all the crap people tell me how I should be nice and cheerful not to mention all the religious crap in my face.

spudman at 09:45 PM JST - 5th December
Time to send all the religious fanatics away and let us pagans celebrate the winter solstice the way it was before the papists came along. The Japanese are pretty good cause at least they don't ram religion down your throat. Eat, drink, swap presents, have sex and carry on working the next day, yeah thats pretty good.

Disillusioned at 09:48 PM JST - 5th December
Just another adopted Americanism and poorly adopted at that. Yes, they have lights. Yes, they have Christmas trees. But, they have no idea why. And, it's just another work day. Pitiful!

Sarge at 10:07 PM JST - 5th December
Phillyprnc - Thanks for that Christmas in Japan youtube link - ha ha ha, I like the stormtrooper best!

imacat at 11:13 PM JST - 5th December
Christmas is what you make it!
I can't understand the people here complaining about Christmas in Japan... make a nice day of it with family, friends or your Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend.
It's nice to have all the illuminations in Tokyo... they look fantastic! Much better than London. I love walking around looking at them, people watching, taking some pictures...
You can buy all the xmas stuff you want in Japan to make a nice xmas dinner at home. Try www.themeatguy.com or else head over to Costco. Ikea has great Swedish mulled wine too. I always get a few bottles to warm up and drink over xmas.
And make sure to spend one night around xmas at karaoke, belting out all the xmas classics. Get your Japanese friends to sing one or two Japanese xmas songs. Some of them are really nice such as Tatsuro Yamashita's "Christmas Eve".
So quit whining and make your Xmas in Japan one to remember.
Merry Christmas to all who read JT!! (and bah humbug to the moaning minnies) ;-)

seesaw at 11:41 PM JST - 5th December
I didn't like it before but I've gotten used to it now.

whatsgoinon at 01:35 AM JST - 6th December
I really love KFC Santa! I think I'll put him on my Christmas cards this year.
I try to be in my home country over Christmas, but if I have to be here, I celebrate it the way i do in my own country, minus family, but with friends and loved ones here.

cliffworks at 01:35 AM JST - 6th December
pls read my earlier posting about how many Japanese couples celebrate Christmas Eve, it's a lovely tradition. tks

Azrael at 04:38 AM JST - 6th December
Imacat: Merry Christmas! ^-^!

Ranger_Miffy at 06:05 AM JST - 6th December
The commenters here have added considerably to my Christmas/ X'mas spirit. Merry Christmas/X'mas to all!

MrUSA at 06:36 AM JST - 6th December
Japan isn't a Christian country, they shouldn't celebrate it at all.

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