Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New York Times Auto News

Social Networking for Cars

Meet AJ, the 2011 Ford Fiesta that has been modified so that it can send automatic Twitter messages (and photos) as it drives.

G.M. Joint Venture Introduces New Brand to China

Baojun, which means "treasured horse" in Chinese, will produce low-cost cars and will be aimed at buyers outside of China's major metropolitan areas.

Most Car Arguments Are Over Directions

A survey of 2,200 individuals found that more than a third of all arguments in the car are over directions.

Autobahn Closed for Festival

A 40-mile stretch of Germany's Autobahn was closed to motor vehicles to make way for a street festival.

Driving the Nissan Leaf Reveals Range Variability

In a drive of a preproduction Nissan Leaf electric car, a writer discovers how much the car's 100-mile range can vary.

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